Global Search Not Working After 2019.1 Release

After the 2019.1 release by NetSuite, users may not be able to search for transactions using their Transaction ID, but will be limited to using their Document Number. A simple change to the General Preferences can resolve this issue.

After the release of 2019.1, there is a new General Preference for Auto-generated numbers. Although this is primarily for showing the Transactions Subtab for auto-generated numbering, having this unchecked will prevent you from searching for transactions using their Transaction ID. Unfortunately, this box is not checked by default.

Here is a screenshot of the Show Transaction Numbering Setup field and the related help. It can be found under Setup > Company > General Preferences:

(Click for larger image)

With this preference unchecked, you can see that I cannot search for Sales Order #957 although I am on the record itself. Note that the record is active.

Once the preference is checked, I can search for this Sales Order successfully in the global search bar.

It’s important to note the difference between Transaction ID and Transaction number. Transaction ID fields are set by NetSuite automatically, and will typically be set as the current highest number +1. Transaction Number is the field storing the auto-generated numbering sequence that can be set by the customer in their Transaction Numbering setup for Auto-generated numbers.

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